Plumbing Express is a family owned and operated business established in 1986. Paul Bogacz, President and Owner, acquired the business in March of 1997 and has been a plumber for over twenty-nine years. His son Peter is the Field Supervisor, a certified Master Plumber, and is also a plumbing instructor at SCTI. Maxine Brand, Paulís sister, has also been a part of the company since the acquisition. She is the Office Manager and continues to be an integral part of the companyís success. Chris Kitchens, the Service Manager, brings both his time in the field as well as his managerial experience to benefit the company and its customers.

Since the acquisition, Plumbing Express has seen over a 200% growth, which we feel is a direct reflection of our companyís principles and beliefs. We feel that if we take care of our people (customers, employees, suppliers, and neighbors) then the institution of Plumbing Express will take care of itself.



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